Travel to Belgrade

Official 21st SEH Congress Agency IMPALA

Prepare for the 21th SEH Congress:

Possibilities to buy Air/tickets through Agency IMPALA
Transfer of participants from Belgrade Airport to the Hotels
Accommodation with guaranteed prices and reservation
Excursions and free time events
Permanent assistance during registration, travel to Belgrade, as well as during the Congress

Travel information

Official 21st SEH Congress Agency IMPALA link - (tel. 381 11 249-78-82, tel/fax: 381 11 309-64-28, E-mail: organizes transfer for the 21th SEH congress participants (on-demand by filling Additional offer form-coming soon) from Belgrade Airport to the hotels.
Belgrade has always been a city where important European roads cross, and it is therefore easy to reach in a number of ways.

  • Arival to Belgrade by the plane:

Airport“Nikola Tesla” is situated 18 km west of the city centre.Belgrade downtown (and the Congress venue) can be reached by public transportation - bus line 72 that goes from the airport to Zeleni venac“ bus stop and А1 minibus that goes from Belgrade airport to Slavija square via the „Fontana“ bus stop. To reach the Congress venue take the A1 minibus to „Fontana“ bus station and change for bus lines 65, 72, 75 or 77 to „Zeleni venac“ bus stop. To reach Slavija square take A1 minibus to the last stop; by Taxi (it takes about 30 minutes to the city centre  – hugely depends on the time of the day) or by Car rental. In the International Arrivals zone at the airport find the counter for calling the taxi. At this counter, an officer will call a taxi for you and will issue a voucher that will indicate the exact amount you will be charged for the ride (for Congress venue or Slavija square the fee will be 1800 RSD (15 EUR)). This fee is paid with the taxi driver. Taxi drivers accept card payments. Also, at the airport there are two kiosks where travel cards (for public transportation) can be bought. Important notice: Travel cards are not valid for the A1 minibus, tickets must be bought with the driver and cost 300 RSD (2,5 EUR).

  • Arival to Belgrade by the train:

The Main railway station, unofficially named „Prokop“, is 4km away from Belgrade city centre (and the congress venue) and only 2km from Slavija square. The Congress venue can be reached via public transportation - bus line 36 or 38a and change for trolley no. 41 to Student square. To reach Slavija square, take bus line 36.

  • Arival to Belgrade by the bus:

The Main bus station is located on the west bank of the Sava river and is just 1.5km away from both the Congress venue and Slavija square. The Congress venue can be reached by public transportation – tram line 11L - leave the tram at “Kalemegdan” stop, and Slavija square can be reached by tram line 9 or bus lines 36 and 78. There are several kiosks at and in the vicinity of the Main bus station where travel cards could be bought.


Public transport in Belgrade includes GSP "Beograd" busses, trolley busses and tramways and privately owned busses covering nearly 100 daily and night lines.

The official currency in Serbia is the Serbian Dinar (RSD) and payments in Euros (EUR) are not accepted.

Public transportation in Belgrade can be paid inside the vehicle, with the driver by cash, but it is much cheaper to buy the „Belgrade Card“ 1/3/5 day travel card. These cards can be bought at almost every kiosk on the street. Some kiosks may accept payment by card but this is not the rule. You need to buy „Belgrade Card“ only for the first two city zones and they cost: 1-day card – 290 RSD (2,5 EUR); 3-day card - 740 RSD (6,5 EUR); 5-day card – 1040 RSD (9 EUR). With this card, you get an unlimited number of rides for a designated number of days. Remember to validate your card every time you enter the transportation. These cards do are not valid for night lines, but the majority of the day lines operate until past midnight. On the other hand, if you choose to pay for transportation with the driver, tickets cost 150 RSD (1,25 EUR) and are valid for 90 minutes (within this time you can change lines).