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SEH 21st European Congress of Herpetology will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from 5th to 9th September, 2022.

The conference will include plenary lectures, sessions on specific fields of herpetology, special sessions, the SEH Ordinary General Meeting and excursions, as well as a rich social programme.

Provisional schedule: 

  • 4th September: pre-congress excursion
  • 5th September: registration
  • 5th September evening: Opening ceremony and Welcome cocktail
  • 6th-9th September  8:30-18:00: plenary lectures, morning sessions, afternoon sessions
  • 8th September evening: Farewell party
  • 9th September afternoon: closing and awards ceremony
  • 10-12th September: post-congress excursion

Poster sessions:  

  • 6th September 16:15-18:45: Poster session 1
  • 8th September 16:15-18:45: Poster session 2

Ordinary General Meeting SEH – Wednesday, September 7 th 16:00 -18:00

Student Sessions5-7th September

Dear students and colleagues, we are pleased to invite you to join the Student Sessions, as part of the official SEH Congress in Belgrade.
The three sessions are designed for young researchers at an early stage in their career and will include three sessions. In a series of informal talks, we hope to encourage the exchange of research ideas and methods and facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience related to studies of reptiles and amphibians.
This is an opportunity to share your ongoing research, discuss ideas and questions that intrigue you, and to form new collaborations. If you would like to present your research at these
sessions contact us through the email addresses listed below. We look forward to hearing your story!

The sessions will be held at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, right next to the venue of the official SEH Congress, after the main program has concluded. Due to limited space, the maximum number of participants per session will be 30.
The three sessions are:

1. Conservation

Conservation of amphibian and reptile populations is an important topic that concerns both scientists and the non-scientific community. The difficulties in the process of translating academic studies to real-world actions on species conservation urge to be addressed. We would like to hear your experience in conservation, to share advice and contribute to tackling this issue.

2. Ecology & Ethology

Ecology and ethology are broad fields covering a wide array of topics ranging from social interactions, foraging, ecology of movement and escape from predators. All of these processes require different types of adaptations which inevitably determine the fate of an individual. Within this session, we aim to bring together researchers interested in different aspects of behavior and ecology of reptiles and amphibian

3. Biodiversity & Evolution

From species and ecosystem diversity, across genetic diversity, numerous topics are highly intriguing, while many questions still lack answers. We believe that the topics on evolutionary processes that generate and maintain genetic diversity and on the species biodiversity patterns in time and space will stimulate an active discussion sparked with new ideas and research subjects.
The detailed plan and the format of the sessions will be announced at a later date.